Vivid is stylish and elegant. The wider thread ensures the classic robust Melano look!  Because of the interchangeable concept, you make the nicest jewelry sets every day.

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interchangeable concept
1. Choose your jewelry 2. Choose your stone 3. Ready to wear

the Vivid collection from Melano

The Melano Vivid collection consists of interchangeable rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and stones. Because of the interchangeable concept you make the jewelry personal and create the best jewelry sets, tailored to your outfit or mood. The jewelry of the Vivid collection provides a classic, robust Melano look and you can recognize it by the wider thread. The collection is equipped with interchangeable stones in different shapes and colours,  so there is plenty of choice for all of you ladies out there! Rotate your favourite stones on the Vivid jewelry and you’re ready to go! Tip: combine the Vivid jewelry with items from the Twisted and / or Friends collection. Note: The Vivid collection has its own stones, these only fit on the Vivid basic jewelry.

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