Collection: Free 42 CM Snake Chain

Melano celebrates the holidays with you! From 13 to 31 December we will give 1 free snake 42 cm chain gift with every spend of €50.

How does it work?

With every spend of €50 you are entitled to claim 1 free snake 42 cm necklace.

Do you order for 50€? Then add 1 snake 42 cm chain, in the desired plating, to your shopping cart and the discount will be automatically applied to your item!

Do you order for 100€? Then add 2 snake 42 cm chains to your shopping cart. For €150, 3 snake chains, etc.

NB! Did you forget to add a Snake 42 CM chain to your order? Then we will send a necklace in a random plating with your package.


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The highest price is €62,50

10 products

€35 of meer besteed?

Dan ontvang je automatisch een Melano spiegeltje cadeau bij jouw bestelling, je hoeft hiervoor dus niks te doen.

Let op: het totaalbedrag (inclusief eventuele kortingscode) dient minimaal €35 te zijn om gebruik te kunnen maken van deze actie. Je ontvangt één spiegeltje per bestelling.


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