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Sale, everyone loves that, right? Shop the most beautiful jewelry from our previous collections in the sale here. Looking for a beautiful Melano ring, bracelet, earring, necklace, pendant or stone in the sale? You will find them here for the best
prizes. So don't wait too long, because our sale items are available in limited edition and sell out quickly. In our sale you can find Melano jewelry from the Twisted, Vivid, Friends, Globe and Cateye collection. The sale pages are also constantly being supplemented, because at Melano we have to make room for the latest items and collections. The discount on the jewelry from our sale varies from 30% to 50%. For example, you can supplement your jewelry box with our interchangeable jewelry or ready-to-wear items in the official Melano sale for a nice price! At the top of the menu you can go directly to our various sale categories, such as Melano sale stones, Melano sale rings, Melano sale bracelets, Melano sale earrings, Melano sale necklaces, Melano sale pendants or go straight to the Melano Twisted sale, Melano Vivid sale , Melano Friends sale or Melano Globe sale.