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Melano Cateye Green Paradise Ball Set

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The Melano Cateye Green Paradise ball set consists of no less than five different Cateye balls in the most beautiful shades of green. Do you also have a hard time choosing between all these beautiful balls? Then quickly score this set for the special offer price, so you can vary these beautiful shades every day! The Green Paradise balls set consists of:

  • Cateye ball in Forest 10 mm
  • Cateye Special Gem ball in Green Tigereye 10 mm
  • Cateye ball in Light Green 10 mm
  • Cateye ball in Glitter Dark Green 10 mm
  • Cateye Gem ball in Turquoise 10 mm

All 10 mm balls from the Melano Cateye collection are interchangeable and fit all Cateye jewelry with a 10 mm opening.