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With the Melano interchangeable stones you can personalize all your Melano jewelry to your own taste. There are stones for our Twisted, Vivid and Globe collection. Mix it up and create your own ring with stone, bracelet with stone, necklace with stone or earrings with stones!


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Melano's stones

All Melano stones are equipped with one of our interchangeable concept. This way you can create your own ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings, just the way you want! The stones from the Twisted collection have a narrow screw thread and you can turn on your favorite Twisted jewelry. The Vivid stones have a wider screw thread and fit all Vivid jewelry. The Globe stones are fillings for the Globe ring or pendant. In addition to all the new stones, you will also find stones on sale at Melano. Previously these were the meddy settings, nowadays they all fall under the name Melano stones.

Thanks to the wide range of interchangeable stones, you can adjust your jewelry at any time of the day. From classic to tough, from colorful to black and white and from subtle elegance to sparkling eye-catchers. There is a suitable Melano stone for every style. All stones are available in silver, rose gold or gold plating.