About Melano


Making the ordinary unusual, individuality over unity, because every personality is entitled to unique jewelry.


Melano strives for every woman to be inspired by her own taste and personality to show herself as she is every day in this rapidly changing but increasingly uniform world. This means that Melano offers a suitable piece of jewelry for every occasion, style and character thanks to its interchangeable concept and endless combination possibilities. By putting quality, sustainability and affordability first in the development of our jewelry, we offer special and unique pieces of jewelry that every woman can customize to her own taste for a lifetime. Worldwide, Melano focuses on a broad community of women through its playful concept, authentic storytelling and stylish appearance.

Who is Melano?

Melano is the loveliest jewelry brand in the Netherlands. Why? That's a good question! We make sure that every piece of jewelry you want to wear will suit you and your personality. You are 100 women in 1 and we make jewelry for all your personalities. Melano jewelry suits every moment, every outfit and every style. We are colourful in everything we do. With our stones you can make endless combinations. You can go full colour today, all black and white tomorrow. Do it your way!

The story of Melano

It all started in a cozy village in the south of the Netherlands. A cute shop at home with gifts, interior items and jewelry. Jeanne Pepels had it well organized, but when her husband John got tired of his regular job, he came to disturb that peace. He was not satisfied with just selling this and that locally and together with Jeanne, he started their own jewelry brand: Melano. The idea for interchangeable jewelry arose after a customer came back with a broken ring: the stone had broken off. Dramatic for most, of course, but an inspiration for Jeanne and John! The fledgling company soon took over the entire store floor, first for sales, later for office space. After that their children had to watch how their bedrooms were slowly taken over by desks, printers, computers and the warehouse. The history of Melany had been written. The jewelry brand has grown into an international phenomenon.

Why Melano?

Melano inspires women to express themselves as they are. Safe choices do not exist, only your personal taste, feeling and mood count. You are you! Melano understands this like no other and has your back. Combine our jewelry endlessly with different stones, rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Even if your neighbor wears Melano, you both have your own jewelry brand; the possibilities are endless. We make every effort to develop our jewelry with the highest quality standards and make it affordable, combinable and unique for you. Pick a gray and white look fort he office and a sparkling and colourful look for that one party tonight! Melano is there for every style and every occasion.